The Schultheis children love bunnies, so we’ve had quite a few as pets over the years.  Currently, we have two dwarf rabbits named Jango and Chewy (the Schultheis children also have a fascination with Star Wars!) The rabbits live right beside the garden (check out the awesome hutch that Stu made), and I’m really appreciating the symbiotic relationship that has developed.  I learned at  Rise and Shine Rabbitry that rabbit manure (aka “bunny berries”) is a great fertilizer, and unlike other manures, it’s not “hot” so it doesn’t have to compost first.  I’ve been putting the pellets around the base of plants, and have also made manure “tea” by soaking a cloth bag of it in water and using it as plant food.  The pellets also attract worms, which help keep the soil more aerated.  I put them around our rosebushes, and they’ve never looked better!  The bunnies also like to eat things like carrot tops and other greens, and of course, they’re so dang cute!!!

Remember the potato tower?  It’s looking pretty good!  The plants are growing out the sides and the top.  We’ve had gorgeous weather for the past few weeks–70’s and sometimes in the 80’s.  The plants are looking really well-established, and I have cauliflower heads and yellow zucchini forming. A couple of the tomato plants are blooming, and we’re eating a lot of arugula and radishes.  I’m mentally preparing myself for the foggy days that we get in the summer, and enjoying all the nice weather now.


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